Fiberglass Mesh

Fiberglass Mesh( Alkali-resistant fiberglass scrim)is based on C-glass or E-glass woven fabric and treated with alkali-resisting coating.
1, chemical stability, alkali-resistant,acid-resistant,strong caking property,with resin,easy dissolution in styrene and so on .
2,high strengh,smoothness and lightness.
3,the product has good adhesiveness,with excellent ability of adhering and locating and top stiffness.
4,high-tention strength and non-deformability.
5,not rot and no eating by moth.
6,fireproofing and cold resistance, sound insulation and electricity insulation.
Main using:
1) Fiberglass Mesh widely applied in the aspect of wall strengthens,outer wall heat preservation, 2) it also may apply in the enhancement of wall material, which involved cement,plastic and asphalt, 3)marble,mosaic 4) roofing waterproof 5) reinforcing plastics 6) fireproofing plate
1、6X16 mesh、15X14 mesh、12X12 mesh、10X10 mesh、9X9 mesh、 8X8 mesh、6X6 mesh、6X5 mesh、5X5 mesh、5X4 mesh、4X4 mesh、3X3 mesh、2.5X2.5 mesh、 1X1 mesh and so on.
3 、50-100m for each roll
4 、width:0.6—-4.3m
5 、color:white,blue,green and so on.
6 、we can produce all kinds of fiberglass scrim according to customer’s requirements